3 Key Rooms – The Al Capone’ Secret Bar


The Al Capone’ Secret Bar

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Tsveta Dancheva, Dimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: October 15, 2017
Our time: 50:00 minutes

You can talk a lot about 3Keys. One of the founders of the genre in Bulgaria, a few of the team, who understand that it’s not just a product or a service, it’s a passion. Behind every 3Key room, there is a well-planned goal and perfect execution. The goal is for everyone who visited with or without their team to feels good, in her/his own environment and showing her/his best abilities.

In recent months rumours spread that 3Key are the new owners of one of the rooms we visited, Тhe Al Capone Secret Bar. I couldn’t wait to see their magic spread through the bar. It needed a little love, some gangster mood, some attention. The potential was tremendous, and the result from a solid foundation with attention to detail and the professionalism of the 3 Key team must be phenomenal.

And it is.

Following the invitation to test, we tried to prepare our minds, try to recall some of the puzzles in the room, find out that we actually remember a few of them. Still, thankfully we had a secret weapon – Tsveti (who basically played the room almost by herself, while we engaged in other intoxicating activities).

If you have played the room before, you are probably interested in the information, is there a value to replay the goom? We think there is. Everywhere, almost every puzzle has gone through some changes and become more beautiful and presentable, now with more interesting solutions. White sheet texts have disappeared. The history of the room is presented intriguingly and logically and is provided with the necessary inventory and appropriate riddles. The exit in the previous version of the room lacked the WOW effect, and this actually prevented me from appreciating the room then, but today … there is a HUGE surprise. I didn’t expect it, either the team and it is the reason that we will probably want to play the room one more time, just for this.

If you haven’t set foot in the Bar before, roll up your sleeves and gather your friends. The seven cities secret and Al Capone can’t be dismissed. It doesn’t matter are you a fan of The Detective and the time machine and The MaTRICK, the Bar will welcome you, intoxicate you, challenge you and in the end will win you over. Just make sure you don’t end up like Don Giovanni …

A fantastic way to spend time, suitable for everyone (I’m a bit sad that I’m married now, this place is perfect for a bachelorette night). We heard they plan to have mystery murder parties in the bar, are you kidding me, WE ARE IN!

3 key – thank you, people, for giving me hope that escape room business is alive. If you continue making rooms, we will continue playing them. It’s a promise.

3 key about us:

🔫 Gang: Fury
🍻 3KEY Room: “The Al Capone’ Secret Bar”, version 18+
🔑 The 3 KEY weapons: combinability, absolute enthusiasm, mafia charm!
❤ 3KEY team about the escapers: After 90 Escape Rooms, we can only listen to your stories cool and admire you, people…! It was again our pleasure! Great pleasure… Thank you for… shaking that rifle… at 3KEY Bar!
💋 We recommend: here we thought of recommending a room that you haven’t played, but there isn’t one … 🙂