Adrenalin Escape Rooms – Tesla’s Genius Mind

Tesla’s Genius Mind

Fury team: Venelin Gornishki, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Fury time: 33:00 minutes

Witches Abroad team:
Velina Doycheva, Jordan Danchev, Vanya Stoitseva, Alla Danabasheva
Witches Abroad time: 57:00 minutes

Date: December 7, 2018

Tesla was recommended literally by anyone I asked what to play in Belgrade. Widely advertised, both as an experience and a great place to solve puzzles, there was no option for us not to book the room in which we had to find out what is happening in the mind of the brilliant Nikola Tesla. The boys were eager to play with electricity. Well because boys will be boys.

We left this room in the end, as a dessert and just before leaving for Sofia, pumped and hyped, we went to play. Right after we enter the room, I shared with the boys this was what I expected from World Escape Room Championship Finals. Darkroom painted in graphite grey with white floor-to-ceiling equations. Look threatening, but don’t be afraid, you don’t need to know how electric works or any of Tesla’s other inventions. Certain parts of the room are strategically illuminated to attract attention but not to distract you. Puzzles from logical, through visual, some testing the stability of your nervous system, with light or mechanical. Some are easy, some are more sophisticated. In general, there was something for everyone, and this is very difficult to achieve and is quite cool.

We had solved maybe 80% of the room when something broke, and we started to slow down and jammed. Our try to find something led to 5 minutes running around without results which led to as, asking for a hint, which, as usual, let to our demotivation. I don’t want to be a bitch, but for me, there is no place for Pink Floyd inside Tesla’s mind or room, the boys told me I’m overreacting by pointing it out as a problem, but every detail matters to me. Maybe they were right. Also, it’s possible to edit a puzzle a little bit and make it in line with the atmosphere. Anyway, the last puzzle, the one that should be BIG WOW, MUCH HURRAY has brokedown us completely. Looking back to this experience, we probably looked like crazy conspirators trying to get, figuratively speaking, from Sofia to Plovdiv through Moscow, Timbuktu or Alaska. We had at least 40 different theories on how to solve the problem, and they all turned out to be very, very far from the truth. We somehow finished the game, but the feeling I came out with from this room was – great room, a gorgeous interior, this was just not my room, I didn’t feel useful or even a little bit successful. In a parallel universe, this could be my favourite room …

If you are in Belgrade, go book Tesla’s Genius Mind, from all my heart I wish for you this room to be your room.

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“Witches Abroad” and “Fury” were just warming up before their championship and we’re sure they’re going to take it home! 😀