The Box – The Mine

The Mine

Fury team: Venelin Gornishki, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: September 30, 2018
Our time: 63:00 minutes (room record at the time of the visit)

The best room we have the pleasure to play in Greece. I can be in the top 5 of all the rooms we’ve played. Yes, that’s good.

I was a bit sceptical while booking the room, most The Box rooms are scary, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. This is also our last room of the day and final Monday Athens adventure. We are tired, didn’t have enough sleep, wet – because it was literally raining all day long without 5 minutes pause. We arrive, a decent lobby smells like popcorn. It turns out there is a miniature popcorn machine, what a great idea. We drink some water, visit the toilet, which in itself is an escape room. With some clues on the walls and cabinets, you have to find the door handle without which you can’t exit. I have no idea did someone complain about this decision and requested a rescue mission to get out, but for us, it was entertaining and made us a great impression and warming up the team for the room.

We receive mining helmets with lights, which now looking back was very important. We have been warned not to take the helmets off, which also turns out to be of importance. In the final moments, I was so be pressured from certain circumstances that I ran, then smacked my head. Thank God the helmet was on, or I would still see flying birds over my head as in the animated movies. So enough said, in the mine safety must come first.

Super cool interior, sound, and atmosphere. Machines, coal wagons, electricity and oxygen generators, everything here has only one goal, to stop working regularly and require your attention, or your survival is of course at stake.

We just storm this room. Maybe because we had a warmup, but the fascinating puzzles just couldn’t slow us down, we literally played like from a textbook. 48 minutes later, we recorded a record and left with HURRAY, and we talked for a long time after leaving the room about the possibilities with very smart and simple choices to provide a great and dynamic experience. It was just a matter of thinking long and hard enough how to do it, before actually doing it.

We never played in a Mine before, it’s not a common theme in the escape rooms world, but Fury verdict is if you ever in your life play a Mine room – this should be it.

Our hosts asked us what to visit in Sofia in a week. We recommend Atlantis. A week later, when I brought my colleagues from Stork to play the room, we met the Box team, they were just heading out. It was a pure coincidence, but I’m glad we saw them here and that they have listened to our advice. I hope they have fun as much as we did in their room.

Our photo 👷
The box about us:

Our friends, from neighboring Bulgaria, has pleasantly surprised us, but not only for their game and performance in our mine, but also for their tremendous endurance. Imagine that they traveled from Sofia in the morning, they came to Athens, played in three rooms, starred in ours and would be back in their home country within a day. What can we say… We feel, really, greatly honored by their visit and we promise, we will return the gesture fast. Thank you very much “Fury” and it was our pleasure to meet you guys … ❤