ClueQuest – Operation Black Sheep

Operation BlackSheep

Fury team: Venelin Gornishki, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 12, 2018
Our time: 45:37 minutes

After Plan 52 and a small break, a new series in the war between mice and sheep follows.

Cluequest’s second room raised the bar seriously. The story goes on with our mission to break into the command centre of Professor Black Sheep, hack his system, get missile codes to destroy a satellite that threatens the security and existence of the world, and get lost in exactly 60 minutes because the command centre will self-destruct.

Some very interesting puzzles, one of them especially related to communication between the team members and a lot of shouting, but we got the rocket where it was needed 😀 The idea of ​​a computer centre to be operated by two persons simultaneously in coordination is not easy, and it’s great. The last puzzle, now traditionally, takes us back to all the rooms to collect certain information, which let’s face it, is a clever secondary use of puzzles and space. The symbiosis between a headquarters with a lot of military equipment and a meadow is a little confusing until you remember that it is the sheep command centre and everything comes into place. We definitely had fun, the difficulty level is average, and the game is linear.

Two days later, we continue on with the story of learning that the professor has moved to London, and besides Brexit, the country is already in greater and more serious danger. The Revenge for destroying the Sheep command centre is in motion in Revenge of the Sheep.

Our Indian friends shared that they were out 6 seconds before the timer limit. We felt like proud parents.

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