Dextrophobia rooms – The Lost One

The Lost One

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Vasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: March 13, 2017
Our time: 38:00 minutes (without the videos) (room record at the time of the visit)

Dextrophobia Rooms has established itself as an absolute dominator of the escape room market in Bulgaria. Of course, for Fury, as for 99% of the other enthusiastic teams out there, Dextrophobia vol. 1 was the place it all started, where this love emerged and blossom, even that I can now call it a first-generation room. They were also the ones who introduced the second-generation room in Sofia, which I still call iRobot to this day, but they decided to call it vol. 2. Expectations for room number 3 ware enormously high also, because of the fact they bought one of my favourite rooms of all time, Lost Rooms, with the idea of upgrading it a third-generation room. Some rumours about the participation of people from other industries in the development of the room, innovations to create a stronger feeling and bring the story to the forefront, the 10-month wait – those are just additional things that made us hyped and ready to escape.

And maybe that was our mistake. We were expecting to be stunned by a bolt of lightning, which … didn’t happen (for understandable reasons). We can continue talking about next-generation rooms, the topic I’m not indifferent to, and that’s why I posted this few weeks back. But don’t visit Dextrophobia The Lost One with expectations that you will get an unprecedented, unseen experience – it will be a mistake.

Don’t get me wrong, the room is wonderful. With nostalgia, I noticed the few puzzles left from Lost Rooms, it warmed my heart as I remembered the awesome feeling this room left in me. With curiosity, I checked every corner of my familiar room to see what colossal changes had been made. I saw something here that I never even thought was possible and it is a FANTASTIC trick (because of the specifics of the game I cannot reveal exactly what, but after you play it you will understand, I am talking about when you go back in time). It was definitely a WOW moment, and the person who came up with the idea is a pure genius!
The room has everything, beautiful puzzles, puzzles that require ingenuity, ones that require attention, such that relate to another reality. We must also take into account the time and professionalism invested in creating everything related to history, with a small remark from us being a very competitive team if someone takes it seriously and find a solution things will come into place.

The room for me is simpler than the previous one. And it feels like a whole new room. So if you were wondering whether or not to go play it because you already played its predecessor, no worries – the similarities and familiar puzzles are not that many.

In the end, I would send a message to all veterans teams, go have an hour of fun, don’t put Dextrophobia on the hotspot to offer you something over the top and you will get something unique and new. The fun of solving puzzles and the old and well-known tickle of escaping under an hour is all you need, and this room will offer it to you. For new teams, I would say this is a great room for you to get hooked on and become fans of the genre, just like Dextrophobia 1 was for us.

And I’m happy, ecstatic that they saved our favourite lobby in the whole world, thank you!

To our hosts, you are the pioneers. You are one of the few who set the tone and trends on the market. This room we talked about with Alex, the one that shakes and breaks all the rules, the one you come out of speechless, the third generation room – it will be you doing, I’m sure of it. At least I believe it 🙂

And until then, The Lost One takes it’s placed quite deservedly, into the Dextrophobia family.

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