EscapeMania – Voodoo Tales

Voodoo Tales

Fury team: Venelin Gornishki, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Fury time: 40:00 minutes

Witches Abroad team: Velina Doycheva, Jordan Danchev, Vanya Stoitseva, Alla Danabasheva
Witches Abroad time: 51:00 minutes

Date: December 7, 2018

You are in the lair of a voodoo shaman, and your job is to get out of there after you break the spell, though now looking back I’m not sure who did the spell and why we are bothering with this activity at all 😀

The first room of the EscapeMania had some interesting and slightly illogical things. It is strange to me that there are rooms that pull me in different directions, puzzles that fascinated me incredibly, mechanical, logical and ones that I have not encountered before and those puzzles have solutions that I would say are annoying.

My overall impression of this room remains good, interesting decision to have a whole room that has no meaning … usually, most rooms save space or try to fill it with riddles. For the first time, I also see prank joke in a room, reminding me of the Neverhood game. There is exactly one place where you can “die”, approaching a hole in the ground, there are 20 signs in the animated video “CAUTION, DANGER”, “Do not jump into the hole, you will die”, “Life-threatening, don’t proceed” and so on. Of course, after you go into the hole, you see the following:


In Voodoo Tales, of course, the joke does not lead to anything similar. The decision to have an object that says don’t touch and you beyond all logic still touch it and all the time goes back to it, and finally “figure” out that the sign is correct from the beginning and the object is there only to mess with you, is actually quite awesome. The decision to waste your time is entirely yours, you were warned.

The whole team was impressed by the sound effects in the room, then Dimitar explained to me how simple it was to make it, and I was surprised no one had used it so far. I will only say that this effect gave depth to the room, immerse into history, and we sat for a few minutes just to listen. In the same room, there is a light puzzle. It was very beautiful. The room looks scary, most of it you play in darkness, but for chickens like me, I will say that there is no jump scare and that it is worth to play even if your friends have to lead you holding hands.

One of the last tasks annoyed me a little, not the puzzle itself, but that we didn’t see the object it gave us because it was dark as in … yes exactly what you thought. Of course, we solved the puzzle and had to go back and forward for 5 minutes until we were told it was actually solved and we just didn’t see where the “prize” had fallen. I start to think that feedback, whether you have made a mistake or succeeded with a puzzle, is actually one of the most important things for your room to be logical and, respectively, for the teams to be satisfied and not wander into confusion and wonder.

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