Escape Zone Plovdiv – The Alchemist

The Alchemist

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Tsveta Dancheva, Dimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: May 18, 2016
Our time: 44:00 minutes

This room did the trick on us, but even before we were able to visit it 😀 I was so excited when we received the invitation. I didn’t know that Escape Zone Plovdiv were working on a new room and I was very pleasantly surprised. A trip to Plovdiv and a curious room theme. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm went through the city and burned out all the electronics in the room (these storms in Plovdiv are serious, no kidding), so we had to wait 2 weeks until some microchips come from Germany. At the same time, those chips were reprogrammed and so on. No luck with opening this room for clients, but I hope and very much wish them to never face these unforeseen natural elements in the future again.

Two things always make a great impression on me, and that is enough for me to have a great time. Apart from the company, of course. One is when the second room is better than the first one. When you see that someone has been paying attention, taking into consideration the experience of teams of any calibre, that raw enthusiasm which led to a few mistakes before, now is replaced by thoughtful steps, interior, and gameplay decisions. The second is props made by the owners. In other words, all gadgets, machines – small or large when you see how the creator saw upfront all your nasty thoughts and take precautions for us not to be able to skip or cheat the puzzle. Because anyone can order from the Internet, but when you did it yourself, you put a little bit of desire and thought into it, and every team can appreciate the uniqueness of the object.

This room is fun, not only everything in here is truly unique and personally touched by a gentle hand, but while mixing potions and reading ancient languages, you wonder if golden eyes of some exotic creature, alligator spleen or cod liver extract will take you to the Philosopher’s Stone or to your untimely and very stinking death…

This room had everything that our team was looking for, for Dancho there was a puzzle with a ball, for Smilianov – lasers, for George – sensory puzzles, for Tsveti, a little math, and logic puzzles, and for me a comfortable chair to sit on and to distract them.
A great way to spend an hour in Plovdiv while travelling to the Black sea.

To our hosts, thank you very much and hope to see you again, for us as always was a great pleasure.

Escape Zone Plovdiv about us:

There are no words to describe those machines …
The unique Fury team went like a tornado through the mysteries of the alchemist. As expected, they did brilliantly, nothing couldn’t resist them. They were great with logic, mathematics, elixirs, and potions, and without a single hint, found the philosopher’s stone in 44 minutes.