Locked Up – The Blacklist


The Blacklist

Fury team: Velina Doycheva, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Fury time: 35:40 minutes

Witches Abroad team: Anton KonduzovSvetla Ivanova, Vanya Stoitseva, Alla Danabasheva
Witches Abroad time: 54:00 minutes

Date: February 24, 2018

To start with that, the game master in this room was FE-NO-ME-NA-L. I’m in love with this guy, with perfect English, with a slightly weird sense of humour, with a costume and a hairstyle like a mid-50s American movie, I’d talk with him for hours. He greets us slightly embarrassed and introduces the story thoroughly without coming out of the role. The name of the room suggests that the plot is based on the well-known Black List series in recent years, we are FBI agents, and we are expected to find a list of criminals trying to screw people, governments, one way or another, the world.

An interesting start that didn’t work. That is, the idea of ​​starting a game is interesting, as long as it functioning properly. We end up in the FBI’s high-tech lab with all its screens, gadgets and gear.

Most puzzles are logical, the room is almost linear. We have not seen something super innovative except for a 3D image puzzle, and I think that I rather enjoyed it because I gave a similar idea in another context to a friend who was building a room in Sofia, seeing my idea put into action just made me happy. A magnetic puzzle that made us mad, the magnets were weak and did not accurately capture locations, and the conditions of the puzzle ware very narrow, there was no end to putting everything in the EXACT place. The sad thing was that, as in all high-tech rooms, there is a chance for technology to get fucked up, the last puzzle that would have to be the big-mother-fucker-huge end of the room didn’t work while we’re in the room. We went back to the beginning, wandered around, lost 5 minutes, and after returning to the last room, we saw that the screen had changed and was directing us what and how to do. If everything worked fine, our record would have been secured. We are now in second place in the room ranking. Explanations after the end of the game that you should not move in front of the monitor and not be very close to it and that it should work on Saturday, full moon, odd year, facing east and being bent below 30% with a break in the right knee doesn’t help much.

If the room worked as intended, I would actually classify it as one of the best rooms in Bucharest. If you are a fan of the series, visit, I am convinced that the details embedded in being close to the situation and to the characters, video clips and interior are actually very strong points.

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Locked Up photo:

In this photo you can observe Nadia’s madness, Dimitar’s despair, Hristo’s desire to shoot Dimiter foot and Villi, blissfully misunderstanding how she was trapped in this situation with us.