Lost Rooms (now Dextrophobia Rooms)

Currently, the room is known as The Lost One (vol.3) and belongs to Dextrophobia Rooms.

Lost Room

ROOM TEST (right before opening for clients)
Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevVasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: February 5, 2016
Our time: 50:00 minutes

I love to test rooms with the Furyans. The feeling that you have access to something still not in the public eye and that someone is looking for your opinion and want to challenge his/her creation against your mind is great.
Lost Rooms – would you travel in time? Is a phenomenon because of a few facts? First, I never have imagined that creating an escape room can be the successful work of a single person. However, Django Bezokov absolutely proved I’m wrong. He didn’t just create a room, he did a magnificent room. Secondly – there is no place we visited where we didn’t share a few friendly tips to the owners, something that made us slightly nervous, something that can be touched, slightly optimized, better showed or explained to the player. Here … we had nothing to say. After the end of the game, we stayed and did go through the gameplay with our very dedicated and kind host step by step, and we just shrugged and kept saying, it’s great, it’s very fantastic, and we haven’t seen it anywhere. Sorry, we couldn’t be more helpful with tips, but when something is done right, you can only enjoy it 🙂
Thanks for believing in us, and as we shared after the game this room is now in our personal Top 10 in Sofia, and the lobby is undisputedly NUMBER 1 😀 . A must stop for any escape rooms fans and enthusiasts!
For the Fury team, room number 47. In 50 minutes we managed to go back to 1981, neutralize the bomb and obviously come back 🙂

Our photo 🙂
Lost Rooms about us:

Xepa’s gang, also known as “Team Fury” – after returning from the past. Not so Furious, but very Fast. They walked through the room like Vin Diesel and Paul Walker through the Brazilian highway: in just 50 minutes. Only with 1 hint. Champions. 🙂