Mentalist – The Fear Clinic

The Fear Clinic

Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevDimitar Smilyanov, Vasil Joskov
Date: August 18, 2016
Our time: 48:00 minutes

Unfortunately, just before we had to play this room, I got sick. Atrociously. And it has come to this – to send my boys alone into the trap called the Fear Clinic and hope to see them coming back – healthy and alive. They come back really excited, in their own words this was the best room that team Vestigo had created, and coming from them this is very high praise. Maybe now is the time to share, that I can’t stand jump-scary nonsense. I accept a moderate psycho environment, but when I’m scared I yell a lot, and then I get really really angry. And this is never fun. Fury assured me that there was no such thing here, and the immerse was the right amount, to keep the tension, but also not to scare the bejesus out of you. A lot of puzzles, none of them irrelevant or stupid, They had ridiculed a lot of the riddles, shared that there were no illogical or woven things, I would recommend how to touch something that annoyed them, they gave some small advice on a few things that annoyed them a little bit, and when I visit the room, I will see if this helped or not.
I promise to update this post when I play with the Anorexia team.

Our photo 🙂


Anorexia Team: Radosveta StamenkovaMiho DashevSabina PanayotovaAlla Danabasheva, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 1, 2017
Our time: 55 minutes

Being part of the Anorexia team is surreal. I formed this team after months of promises to Rada to take her to an escape room. With a fierce determination and a lot of promises how we will crush Fury time score. There were a lot of debates before we chose the team name, but in my opinion, it couldn’t be more appropriate in our case, we all have beaten Anorexia, just smash it on the ground and sаt on top of it, so she can’t move anymore.
The room was supposed to be scary; however, with these people, even if we meet bears in the forest, they will be rolling on the ground laughing on our nonsense. For two of us, it was first to escape room experience, for the other two, let’s say they had 2-3 rooms behind them, and I just basically got in the mix to mess with them. With enviable speed and much laughter, we sent the monsters in the right direction (to go fuck with someone else), revealed codes, signals, and secrets and escaped, almost unnoticed (because the whole squad is infinitely noisy).
Miho, I have no idea how he managed to stay calm in our presents, he and Alla tried to be analytical. Stamenkova tossed competent doctor comments (because she is a real doctor), Sabina was in combat mode, and it made me feel sorry for those trying to scare us, I was just nodding like a real expert all the time and did nothing to help them 🙂 Classic me.
Visiting the Fear Clinic proved to me only one thing, wherever you are, whatever you do, the important thing is to do things with the right people. Because even when there are slightly illogical things (our hosts know what I’m talking about, something at the beginning of the game) you don’t get annoyed but smile like a little orange pumpkin. Because you are together with your loved ones.

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