Mentalist – The Curse of the Thracians

The curse of the Thracians

ROOM TEST (with small exceptions, the room is 99% done)
Fury team: Georgi GeorgievIvan MinchevDimitar Smilyanov, Vasil JoskovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 24, 2017
Our time: 28:00 minutes

The Curse of the Thracians is the fifth room under the Mentalist brand, but in reality, the team has more rooms under its belt, even ‘tho Vestigo is still my favourite from all of them.

This room definitely has a place on the market, you are transported to an ancient Thracian tomb, and your goal is to unravel the mystery of a missing archaeological team. Mixed with historical facts and vision, this is probably the most intriguing room in the Mentalist Multiplex and for its development are spend a lot of time and attention. The decor is beautiful (I hope you fixed the floor). The details are authentic. If someone asks me where to take a group of tourists for an hour, that would be my choice. The room is interesting to play, and at the same time a person can learn a few things 🙂 IMHO, if you have kids who are just going to learn about the Thracians at school, and you want to fire them about the history, this is your place.

For us, the room was short, and that was the only feedback we gave back to our hosts, we want more. The idea of ​​this room is not to be a competitive escape experience, but rather an educational room where you can mix “business with pleasure”, or in this case learning while playing.

We could have escape faster, but the boys listened to me when I tell them not to touch, and it had to be touched … 😛 Lately, I’m just bringing the stress and the noise, rather than being helpful, it’s time for the team to change me with a younger model. And as everyone leaving in a hurry ‘coz the time just flew by, we forgot to take selfies with all of the team, which doesn’t stop us from having an epic one.

Our photo 🙂