Puzzlenarium Room – The Мissing Artifact


The Мissing Artifact

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Tsveta Dancheva, Dimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: December 7, 2017
Our time: 43:00 minutes

In the game business inevitably comes the point where you can’t create content as fast as players can go through it. For a year now it is the same in the escape room business, the opening of a new room is a rare occasion. So that’s why when we hear about a new room, it’s like a DLC for Fury, we buy on pre-order and look forward to it.

The Puzzlenarium showed unexpectedly on the horizon. We hadn’t heard of them, so one sunny day they just appear. Later we understood that the owners are fans of the genre, have toured many rooms internationally and are dreaming of having their own place of mysteries.

The theme is very ambitious. Everyone who is taking upon themselves the task of using Sherlock’s name and brand should be aware that they are walking on very thin ice. People from almost all generations know the character, whether from books, series or movies. Everyone has their own image of Sherlock, his personality and life. There is no one who is not interested and doesn’t like his mysterious story. Respectfully, I always approach with a little bit of caution to rooms with similar themes, though in this case, it was unjustified, I would say that this room was built following image of Sherlock rather from Doyle’s books, which is my first Sherlock love.

The location of the room is not the best. It is far from the metro stations. There is no parking space (and it’s in a very crowded neighbourhood). However, once in the garden of the building, I can say that it is extremely cosy, there is a bench in the courtyard, the room is accessible from it without the need to climb building floors. The lobby is warm and comfortable, we were greeted by kind and helpful hosts, and as we waited for a cup of coffee the rest of our company shared with us what and where they played and ultimately from where our shared passion for escape rooms began.

The interior in the room is engaging enough, especially later in the game. There is no 100% historical accuracy, but it is not necessary. The puzzles are of moderate difficulty, not frustrating with unnecessary complexity, rather as always Fury skips over some steps because it’s possible and this, of course, confused us even more. Some of the puzzles are super interesting, one (which is sealed in my memory) we have never seen anywhere, good job. We ate all their candy. We broke their cabinet. In general, we were the most unpleasant type of visitors. For which we apologize. Some of the puzzles are implemented with a lot of humour, you can’t help but smile meeting familiar faces on the walls, and you can’t stop ringing the bell from Hell at least 12 times, because every time it gets funnier.

Room evolution is great. Each following mystery engages you even more until you finally find the missing artefact, which is impressive. Holding it in your hands, you really feel the spirit of a truly Victorian Britain. We escaped in 43 minutes.
Puzzlenarium is an interesting, classic first-generation room. I prefer to go play it instead of watching another superhero movie. As I think you should too 🙂

Chippendale desks are my nemesis.

Puzzlenarium about us:

Real enthusiasts of real-life escape rooms who escaped more than one or two rooms.
It was a real challenge for us to figure out can we slow them down and will they find a way out. Naturally, they had succeeded – 17 minutes before the time ended, they were already holding the priceless Artifact in their hands. Congratulations!