QuestionRooms – Merlin’s Challenge

Merlin’s Challenge

Fury team: Georgi Georgiev, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: December 6, 2018
Our time: 57:00 minutes

Two and a half years after visiting QuestionRooms – Secrets Museum, Thursday afternoon we get sTanka (my Jeep, her name is sTanka) and headed up to Plovdiv with a sole purpose to check out our Plovdiv favourites and their new room, the Merlin’s Challenge.

Usually, I have information when a room goes on the market. It was a complete surprise to me here. I saw that the room was open and accepted bookings. Without hesitation I went full in, Secrets Museum is one of the good Plovdiv rooms we recommend so far. I regret to learn that the owners are not present. We had a lot of fun with those guys before. We are greeted by a young and enthusiastic host, after sharing some information and wishes for successful escaping, we come in to play.

Question Rooms levelled up. The room has a lot of mechanical puzzles they made on their own. They thought about the interior and the overall atmosphere. There are some small things like a plastic coat of arms on the door that bugged me a little bit, but that’s not the main issue we had a problem with. The puzzles are great, but they have zero feedback on what’s going on. It is not clear if the moment of solving this puzzle has come or do you have everything you need to complete it, it is not clear whether you are successful and whether you are progressing or not. Which led to our rather poor performance, we wandered around a million times and tried to solve a puzzle at least 7 times before finally finding the last part, and figured out there was no way to do it before.

Of course, there were also moments where we were just distracted, we lost our intuition, and this affects our judgment, even with the obvious puzzles. The final puzzle is interesting, but if it weren’t for Dimitar and Hristo, we wouldn’t escape because I couldn’t have had the nerve to finish it. But the boys had fun, and I recorded it in the pros column for the room.

My personal opinion is that Merlin’s Challenge is a nice place to spend a good hour, and don’t miss the fact that there are two rooms at the same place and can be played in parallel. The only place that I approve of for larger companies, furthermore if they want a friendly competition or team-building activities.

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