Room of Alice

Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevDimitar Smilyanov, Vasil JoskovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: August 16, 2016
Our time: 54:00 minutes

Imagine a room that two students made by themselves with what they had in hand. This is Room of Alice. Two very friendly girls with a minimal budget have tried to present to you the story of Alice in Wonderland. With the resources (and with a lot of effort) they had a job well done. Some of the puzzles are interesting, connected to the book of course if you are a fan you will definitely enjoy it. We had a problem with puzzles that required specific knowledge, something that, in principle, should be avoided in escape rooms. The room is located in a basement, which has its downsides, especially if you can’t stand a long time in wet places. There are also quite a few padlocks. The most interesting thing about the room is the wall decorations, someone spent a lot of hours to create beautiful characters from the story, but with this, the beauty ends. The inventory is a bunch of stuff, found wherever, connected somehow …
Honestly, for such a graceful theme as Alice, I expected so much more. This goofy, absurd world can deliver such magnificence in an escape room, it can have so many wow elements, in this case, it’s like buying a Step (a popular in Bulgaria chemical-flavoured soluble powder years ago) because you can’t afford fresh juice. In a sense, it works if you are thirsty as hell, but it’s not the real deal.
It would help if you also kept in mind that all the images on the presentation of their room and on their Facebook page and their site are “borrowed” from the Internet, which makes a lot of sense because they have selected really professional ones, and they don’t fit the style of the room. That is why the Room of Alice is presented here in this post with such an image, there is no other that can be used in this case.

Our photo 🙂
Room of Alice photo