Sawroom II – The Revenge

The Revenge

ROOM TEST (right before opening for clients)
Fury team: Georgi Georgiev, Tsveta Dancheva, Vasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 18, 2017
Our time: 47:47 minutes

Love. Rooms. Like. That

Rooms like this one bring you back to the beginning when everything was fun, intriguing, unfamiliar and spicy. But everything is in order.

As soon as they announced they were going to make Saw II, we began to monitor every post, every published letter on the subject. And so far, in our humble opinion, the Sawroom is one of the funniest rooms we’ve ever visited, but it was kind of short, failed to hold us for more than a half an hour. So for room number 2, we were sure that the bar would be higher. 3 months later, the day came, and we received an invitation for a room test. Let me tell you. My heart was pounding. Usually, rooms made for 3-4-5 months fail to make an impression. They are always slightly unfinished, slightly counterintuitive. One can see last-minute wandering and some desperate desire to finish something fast. And as any rule has its exceptions, Saw Room II shows me that with my prejudices I will get nowhere and I am wrong, I’m wrong on so many levels, at least in this case.

Unfolding of the room and its story is magnificent. It starts softly like tickling on your feet and then continues delicately, with goosebumps on your arms, and fast-running impulses along the spine until it reaches the finish, and what a finish it was … If you read my posts, there is one thing that can make me pass a room, and this is the so-called jump scare. Someone breathing in my neck and shouting “BU” out of the dark is a threat not only to my sanity but also to someone’s beautiful face. I came in here with a lot of reservations. I still don’t know how they had the patience to convince me if I were in their shoes I would show me the door immediately. I didn’t want to be scared. I didn’t want to be locked up. I didn’t want to be stressed. My claims had no end. And they, as perfect gentlemen (and a lady), complied with all my primadonna requirements, which, let’s face it, allowed me to enjoy this room properly. My advice to you would be if you are easily scared, just confess – you don’t have to give up this treat just because you don’t like horror/thriller/psych theme.

The interior is, of course, great. I have repeatedly stated that excessive waste of money on over-the-top decors is not only needless but also unnecessary. Here, the scenery is just right, plausible enough at first glance to pop and resistant enough to withstand pushy players. Absolutely in the style of the room and expectedly true enough to the story.

Puzzles – what a feast! Related to the movie and it helps if you have watched it, but quite possible to solve if you haven’t. And as difficult as it is to be surprised after 81 rooms, here I was surprised at several places and met puzzles whose mechanics I did not expect or know, which is very difficult to achieve in our situation. Unexpected turns, you think you know what’s going on and B-O-O-M, no, you didn’t. Oh, I’m so much want to write about all the plot twists, but I can’t. And I envy everyone who will still have the opportunity to learn them, to play the room, to live it.

Long story short, this is a MUST PLAY room for me. If you have lost the thrill and you lack the feeling of something new and exciting, gather the team and just go – the room is right for you. Sawroom II The Revenge officially opens its doors in about a week, bookmark the date in your calendars, you don’t want to miss this room for anything in the world.

To our wonderful hosts, thank you. Above all, for the invitation to come, it is our honour and privilege that you want to learn what we have to say. Thank you for proving me wrong, you just showed me that in a short period of time and with a normal budget, one could create a room that you will remember for a long time. Thank you for educating me that even the room that makes my blood boil, can still be one of my favourite rooms. Thank you for loving what you do and returning us the hope that the escape room genre is still kicking. Keep going. I’m a huge fan for at least 18 more rooms. And huge congratulations on the exit from the second room was it AWESOME!

Our photo 🙂
Sawroom about us:

A second test team in our second room and a second meeting with these people. Erm … team Fury … brutal … record … again … 47:47. We can even reduce 1-minute’ coz they just played silly with one thing. Uh-huh … it’s a good idea to mention that the game was done without a single hint … ahh … Quite a lot of dots in those few sentences, but you really hold your breath as you watch this hungry for victory team beat your room as if they had made it. Another successful test of SawRoom II – The Revenge, we witnessed a brutal game, for which we thank you very much! Come to visit us some time (and don’t forget beer pls) 🙂