Sherlocked Holmes – The Cursed Willy

The Cursed Willy

Fury team: Ivan Minchev, Tsveta Dancheva, Alla DanabashevaVladislav KubatevNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: September 8, 2018
Our time: 73:00 minutes

After Sherlock Maze, room 95 for the team, left us hungry for puzzles, we decided to try the other company room, The Cursed Willy. The room was recommended to us by the owners, usually, this is a good sign. After a short break and a glass of water, we headed to a dark room, again with the unpleasant briefing on 6 types of padlocks and how to deal with them.

This room was definitely better. The interior is very strong, the inventory is definitely more interesting, and it’s visible more effort was spent here. All I can say is that by the end of the game we were playing a pirate piano with keys made from skeleton fingers and a skull with burning eyes to tell us if we were on the right track, it was epic.

The puzzles are levelled, most of them complex and challenging, with several layers and overlays. I personally had a lot of fun, and there were definitely puzzles I had never seen or solved before. This is also confirmed by the time we escaped, with 70 minutes to play, we managed to get out for 73. They left us to finish the game that kind of gesture always leave a good impression on me.

There was only one pretty unpleasant element, and I didn’t save it to the owners when you had to communicate with the team a long series of numbers and directions, the room was awfully noisy, and you had to yell, like for your life. And I can yell, if you know me, you know I’m not exaggerating. We were able to input the right combination only on our third try. Not because the solution was wrong, but because we couldn’t hear each other. I explained to them that I understand the logic of being difficult, but it is frustrating when a sequence of dictation takes at least 4-5 minutes, and you have to do it several times. My throat was hurting after that all day long. 😶

And despite having a good time, Offline Entertainment’s Pirate Adventure is a better pirate room 🙂

Sherlocked Holmes about us:

In the end, after posting our photos on Facebook, it turned out that they didn’t know the team name and there was only one question mark in their post. Come on, guys…