Trapped – The Black Pearl

The Black Pearl

Fury team: Velina Doycheva, Hristo Tomov, Dimitar Smilyanov, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Fury time: 31:59 minutes

Witches Abroad team: Anton KonduzovSvetla Ivanova, Vanya Stoitseva, Alla Danabasheva
Witches Abroad time: 60:00 minutes

Date: February 24, 2018

Sometimes, in order to remember a room, the room doesn’t have to be unique. It is enough for the people you are with to make it one. Let’s say Trapped was modified by a Fury team, specifically for the Witches Abroad team, with some additional puzzles, one traditional Bulgarian flask filled with sweet Medven brandy and one invitation. I’m sure both Konduzovi and Tomovi in the future will talk about this room and what happened that day to their children, but that’s all I’ll say about that.

I will immediately mention that Trapped was also one of the cheapest rooms of the day, which amazes me because it is good. It turns out that they are one of the few who oppose some wild contract between owners to make all the prices similar and to keep prices high for everyone, which is super bad for business and for good rooms in this market. Attention, don’t do this! Only poor rooms with few bookings and poor designs benefit from such arrangements, and quality products lose potential customers. Even I can tell you this, even though I understand nothing about economics, strategy or finances. But I’m an absolute fan of the genre. My admiration for the people has decided to put a price that they find adequate for the product, for their kind attitude, for their heartfelt welcome, and for responding to our request to plan a surprise. You are wonderful, thank you very much 🙂

Now, the Black Pearl is very interesting. We find ourselves aboard an unknown ship in search of Davy Jones’ heart. The room is made from wood, the interior matches what you can imagine. The hideouts are very well designed, they open with a bang and you really feel like a pirate. We have to use a hint for one puzzle that still seems pretty illogical to me. To the question of how things are arranged, we get an answer. We ask how to find out that this is the right solution. They explain that there are only 2 options, from small to big and vice versa. You try both and find out what’s right. Come on … you can do better than that. Still, there is a fantastic metal puzzle with a ball and a shooting with a cannon, skeletons and a sea battle, what more could you ask for from a pirate room? Medium on difficulty, I think if you have enough time in Bucharest and like the subject, then this game will not disappoint you.

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Trapped about us:

„Fury” team did an amazing job escaping the curse on The Black Pearl, pretty close to the record time. Congraaats, guys, see you next time! 👏😊
These brave pirates escaped the maleficent curse of Davy Jones. Congraaaaats! 😁👏