Domus Rebus – House of Cards (now Gravity Wave)

Currently, the room is known as “The House of Cards” and belongs to Gravity Wave.

House of Cards

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Vasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 16, 2016
Our time: 46:10 minutes (room record at the time of the visit)

For a year now, I had been aiming at Domus Rebus’s second room, after our last visit, when we failed to escape in time. So I fulled up the boys with coffee, Red Bull, illegal substances (I threaten them with physical assault and dismissal) and I told them that we either slam this room and kill it or we will die trying.
So what can I say, we slammed and killed it. This room will stay in my mind as I was enjoying a TV series. I just stood there and watched. We were one well-oiled machine, literally while we solved one puzzle, someone else had already gripped the next one, there was simply no stopping. And we really worked as one. There was no I, no nothing, literally everyone followed someone else’s thoughts and we solve riddles like nothing. And there are many puzzles in this room. I got dizzy. The creators were smart, incorporating ​​the history of Bulgaria and Plovdiv in it. There is just a small thing that we didn’t like, some of the props in the room have been overused, and maybe it is good to change them once in a while- mostly some maps (both geographical and playing).
I think that the game master picked up our good mood and congratulated us a few times with the new room record. Thank you for the wonderful attitude and the fact that you as well appreciated our game, for us this was a part of the pleasure.
Record time for the room currently: 46:10 minutes. Without a single hint.

Our photo 🙂
Domus Rebus about us:

We are so pleased to have FURY back today. 🙂 This time, they challenged Room #2 #TheHouseOfCards! They were fast, played with such enthusiasm that we were wondered if there is anything that could stop them !? And after an incredible 46:10 minutes and a new record, we got our answer! Not only did they escaped in the best time so far, but they did it without a single hint !!! Congratulations on the great, tight and logical game! DOMUS REBUS wishes you never stop taking the challenges and have a lot of fun! 🙂 🙂 🙂