To speak with Hellyana about games is not the first time for me, and she is still as wild as ever, but now, in the company of Svetlo Tsanev and Petar Vanev, the conversation was truly special. The topic: escape rooms, where they come from, what they represent, what is the Escape Room World Championship and does we have a chance (spoiler alert – yes, maybe not us specifically, but some of the awesome Bulgarian teams we know). We talk about educational escape rooms and how to correct the misunderstanding that the rooms are “entertainment for children.” And about Fury, because without them, none of this would have been possible.

If you play escape rooms, the Netherlands is a must-location. For a couple of days in 2019, we played all around Amsterdam, including, of course, our (what a surprise) all-time favorite – The Dome. The legend about us being a hip-hop crew was born on this trip. Chocomel ads are Dimitar’s secret way to make us miss it.
While taking part in the finals of the Red Bull Escape Room World Championship, Fury traveled to London. Starring naked Venelin at the hotel, Mike provides instructions for the hotel’s treasure hunt at midnight when everyone, both organizers and players, is drunk and provides info on how we got to the 6th place in the world (not).
The 100% Awake morning show on the Bulgarian Nova TV (which is not a national public broadcaster but one of the major private channels in the country) invited Venelin, Hristo, Dimitar, and Nadia to discuss what it means to be an escape enthusiast, explore the concept of escape rooms, and share insights on how they reached the World Championship Finals.
Before the finals of the Red Bull Escape Room World Championship, every team who qualified had to send a promo video explaining who they were and why they loved to play escape rooms; this was our attempt. Bloopers were not planned.
In 2018, Fury visited Athens to play in the local Red Bull Escape Room World Championship qualifiers. We won.
Camera: Nadia and Dimitar
Narrative: Nadia
Director and Storytelling: Dimitar
In the leading roles: Hristo & Venski (KALIMERA!)
The second part of the video about our Night Watch game in 2016, where primarily Dimitar is searching for his mother and we look for Eleonora from Chepino! We won.
The Night Watch competition was always one of our favorite city quests; it was highly competitive and had hard-level puzzles. This video presents our game on July 23 in Sofia, the fastest puzzle-solving in a moving car, catching Pokemon, singing really bad, and Nadia yelling over other drivers.