Escape Room Plovdiv – Diehard


Fury team: Vasil JoskovDimitar Smilyanov,  Georgi GeorgievJordan Danchev, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 16, 2015
Our time:  41:00 minutes

This is not a room. This is torture. Those of you who are interested in my escape room posts know that I try always to be polite and find something good and positive in someone else’s work. Things here started badly and ended disastrously. Dirty lobby, dirty sofas, dirty room (all covered with dust and cobwebs). Three puzzles. We solved them in 18 minutes. In those 18 minutes, the so-called “bomb” has revealed.
Do you know how we get to the bomb? Opening a padlock.
Do you know how you have to open the padlock? With a metal cable with more than 50 keys. The only way to find the right key is to go through them all. We were joking about the 100 padlock room, but for goodness sake, we were in her prototype today.
Now imagine the following: we are in room 3 by 3 meters. We have a bomb. At the moment of finding the bomb, the whole room is lit by bright, strong red lights (we are under alert). At this point, we realize that the bomb’s solution is colour code. That is, we need to recognize the colours under a BRIGHT RED LIGHT. We figure out the first 3 numbers. So far, 18 minutes. In the next 22 minutes, we were looking for the fourth number. How you will ask. WITH A ULTRAVIOLET FLASHLIGHT. UNDER THE RED NEON LIGHT. On every surface in this room. We finally found it, with TWO hints. We had to illuminate a specific part of the room at a certain angle. Whatever.
Finally, we went out, our owner starts schooling us with a serious tone and everything -“How could an experienced team like us fail, it was so easy”.
The opinion of the guys you can find out on their faces in our picture. I was just WTF, and how did we end up here.
Once again, if you don’t know what to do, DON’T CREATE AN ESCAPE ROOM, it’s not for everyone. And yes, we paid 40 euros. I’m still dizzy on this fact. I don’t even want to comment on “I’ll send you an invoice, the cash register is not operational, I don’t even know how it works” …

Our photo 🙂
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Fury: Die Hard – 1:0
The Escape Room Plovdiv miraculously survived for a few years and now closed, so I can sleep better at night