Live Rooms Sofia – Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevVasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: July 24, 2015
Our time: 35:00 minutes (a record at the time of the visit)

Another record, not because we are so good, but because we are unbearably good (and yes, the one who praised us is on vacation). Live Rooms Sofia and their room Escape Egypt was solved in just 35 minutes, which turned out to be the best time for the room ever. The most interesting thing is that there are Roman, Greek and other puzzles in this room, but not Egyptian, but the fun is fun 😀
And yes, there are no special effects in the room, don’t let me start with the advertisement for that room …
P.S. And yes, George looked like that, we didn’t hurt him!

Our photo 🙂
Live Rooms Sofia photo 🙂
Live Rooms Sofia is now closed