Kadabra Escape – Poison


Poison (Game duration 80 minutes)

Fury team: Nush KrastevaIvan Minchev and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury time: 76:00 minutes

Date: February 4, 2024

We traveled for 40 minutes from Barcelona, got lost twice, but arrived on time for the game. As in all rooms in Barcelona, we ring the doorbell, and the game starts immediately; there are no explanations about padlocks, no warning not to climb on the furniture, or not to touch the outlets. We enter a dark room, at least 300 square meters. The only light is dramatically placed above a cabinet with instructions – leave your luggage, clarify with badges who is experienced and who is not, and follow the path to reception.

The game is for a minimum of 4 people. I surprised them because, according to the plan, there were supposed to be six of us, but only three of us showed up. Later, they tell us that they compromised for us, and Ivan is the one who takes the burden as they divided us after the start of the game, and he found himself alone, which is a tough task for any self-respecting escapist.

We find ourselves in Arkham Asylum, and the Joker is playing games with us because he would like to poison the entire city. Of course, it is in our hands to divert his plan. After a lot of shouting over the walls, we go out on the street (which is not a street) and start unraveling more puzzles.

The scale of the game literally exceeds expectations. Everything is HUGE… jumping from real windows into real trash cans. You have dozens of premises to pass through, but the game constantly leads and pulls you forward. The decorations are worthy of a movie. We finish in 76 minutes, not because we are slow but because the puzzles are numerous. And they are extremely good, logical, working, and there is an ‘OH I GOT IT’ moment. It’s a bit dull moment, because in the rooms in Barcelona, as a rule, no one asks if you want help or not and directly guides you. After the first 5 minutes, they stopped nudging us, which made me very happy. After the game, they shared with us, ‘But you knew what you were doing.’ Well, yeah…

A fully deserved Terpeca number 26 for 2023!

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