Smart Puzzle Games – Sherlocked


Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Tsveta Dancheva, Dimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: May 18, 2017
Our time: 35:05 minutes (room record at the time of the visit)

Sherlocked is a first-generation escape room. I often mention generations, but what does this mean the first generation room?

In a first-generation room, simple mechanical systems are usually used. For something to happen, players have to do it themselves, no electronics, no automation. It usually includes a lot of locked boxes and drawers, sometimes a lot of padlocks (this was not the case here). Usually, the clues or hints are on paper in writing. Often, the owners moderate the game, which in most cases is a plus.

Why do I like first-generation rooms? They are for real fans. Why am I listening to Sabbath after all those years? Because they are classics. At times, I feel how naive the lyrics are and how crazy some riffs sound, but I’m familiar with them, and I feel comfortable, like at home.

It’s a similar case with the Sherlocked room. If you expect to find yourself in a room that is challenging for the senses and overwhelms you with the atmosphere or interior, this is not the place for you. What you will find is classic history, famous literary characters, interesting puzzles, most of which you have to solve in a familiar way, with pencil and paper in hand. The puzzles are not hard, I would say they are of a moderate level.

What did I miss, and what have I shared with our hosts? I missed Sherlock in this room, and I think they have a plan to fix that gap. Play the room without expectations of extravagant adventure, and you’ll have fun. It feels like being sunk in an old armchair, which took a form of you behinds from years sitting in it, on a rainy Sunday afternoon, in your favourite switcher and slippers, with a warm cup of tea, in a pleasant company of a moderate intellectual challenge. That being said, if you have a good company, this place is just for you 🙂

They shared with us the idea that they have to change the price model, I will only say:

Well done!

Our photo 🙂
Sherlocked about us:

Writing praise about Fury is clearly unnecessary! Thank you so much for testing us and for being our helpful corrective. We flood them with questions that they professionally answered, even though it was an early Saturday hour. Accordingly, we “stole” a lot of ideas for the benefit of all teams in the future (we are already updating). In the future, Fury has a special Sherlock challenge ahead of them (as well as all the other teams that have escaped the room), which we are sure they will not miss.
P.S. Just see the glow around Nadia
Time: 35:05 minutes – RECORD!