The Cube – The Last Bomb

The Last Bomb

Fury team: Vasil JoskovJordan DanchevDimitar SmilyanovGeorgi GeorgievNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: November 5, 2015
Our time: 43:30 minutes

This is my way of saying that The Cube: Real-Life Escape Games was great and challenged us with hard and interesting puzzles, and even there were more padlocks than I usually want to tolerate, it didn’t stop me from actually appreciating the room. There are interesting elements that I have never seen before, which, given that we have 35 rooms behind us happens less and less and is a compliment to the room. Fury are not born to be soldiers, because we are just one distracted mob, but in 43:30 minutes we kick the butt of the bomb and saved the world with a single hint. You’re welcome 😀

Our photo 🙂
The Cube photo 🙂
The Cube closed in 2016