Tools & Resources for Puzzle Hunt Solving


by Lilly Boneva

If you are new to puzzle hunts or want to read about 5 things we learned after solving 1k+ puzzles – start with this post 🙂 

But if you are already hooked, I am sure you’ve pretty soon realized that having the appropriate toolbox is essential to manipulating data, saving time, minimizing errors, and fostering puzzle-solving collaboration. 

So here’s our team’s list of useful tools & resources, grouped by case/puzzle type:

🧩🧰 Absolutely Essential Tools:

  1. Google: Google-ing words in groups is a good technique for you to find out a topic/connection you may not be familiar with or you cannot spot immediately. Google! Google everything! Google everything in groups!
  2. Wikis: Wikipedia is often considered as a canonical source of information for puzzle hunts, as creators often need to lead you to an official, unchanging, and easy to find resource. Other platforms with detailed user-generated content on specific topics like Fandom are also frequently used for puzzle hunts. 
  3. Sheets: Google Sheets is the go-to tool for many teams because it allows online collaboration, usage of formulas, data organization and reordering etc. Here are two resources which can up your Sheets game with named functions, practical advice, formatting tips, and much more: 

🔎🔠 Finding Words & Phrases from Partial Information:

  • OneLook [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] – consult the FAQ for notations
  • Nutrimatic [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] – consult the user guide to learn about this powerful tool!
  • Qat – review the examples, since there are a lot of ways qat can help  
  • Phonetic Search

🖼️🎨 Image & Color Search / Identification:

🔒🔑 Ciphers. Codes & Decryption: 

⬛⬜ Crosswords:                       

🤔✍ Cryptic Crosswords: 

🔀🔁 Anagraming:

🧠💡 Logic Puzzles: 

🎵🎥 Audio, Music & Movies Search:

  • Shazam Song Identificator   
  • Chosic Song Title Search      
  • Audacity Free Audio Editing Tool   
  • IMDB Advanced Movie Title Search  
  • IMDB Common Actors Search              

🛠️⚙️ Other Useful Tools & Resources: 

📝📂 Lists of Tools & Resources Compiled by Others:

Please contact us if you have/know a great tool, which deserves to be added to this list! 

And check out this YT video on tools that cypherhouse recorded, inspired by my comment. 🙏