3 Key Rooms – The MaTRICK



Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Vasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: June 17, 2016
Our time: 36:59 minutes (room record at the time of the visit)

First, this invitation came to me.

Team Fury, it’s time to choose

It was never a secret that 3 Key Rooms is one of our favourite companies. Also, it was never a secret that we consider them to be absolute professionals in what they do. Their drive to innovate not only in creating escape rooms but in the way they present the “escape the room” business, the way they advertise, the way they support and communicate with customers, they set their own standards and never copy someone else ideas. Yes, I do like them very, very much.
And I was overjoyed when we received an invitation a while ago in the form of a photo and a challenge. To visit their new room, MaTRICK.
We felt more than privileged and were really looking forward to playing the next week.
Do you ever ask yourself which pill you will take in you were Neo? I guess we will find out for ourselves soon.


The day Fury will stand against The MaTrick (how clever is that name, just think about this for a second).
We leave 30 minutes early. We are hyped like never before. You will ask why is that? Let me try to explain. A year and a half ago, we played 3 Key first room, 3 Key Rooms -The Detective and the Time Machine. It was our 7th room, and today, even 60 rooms later, the Detective remains in my personal top 5. This was the room which made us craving for more, who made us true fans of the genre and pushed us to be a team and become … Fury.
So, no pressure right, we’re going to see 3 Key the new fantastic creation. We did tell them that we expect nothing less but for them to blow our heads off with the atmosphere and the puzzles and the experience. Yeah, it’s hard to be on the top sometimes.
And we are going in. We are in the Matrix, people! If you’ve watched the movie, you know that it changed people’s perception of cinema. It completely changed the requirements for everything that came out after that the way every movie looks, the way every movie is shot, the way every movie feels.
Here, it’s the same. As in all 3 Key rooms, the attention to detail is overwhelming. Every little symbol, every object, every puzzle is in place, and there is only one goal, for you to feel like Neo and to forget who you really are, where you are, to travel to another world where agents chase you, and you have to save yourself and the world (of course).
This room has everything you need, dynamics, movement, wow effects, unique puzzles, and choices – because at the finish, everyone has to choose the red or blue pill? It doesn’t matter are you a fan of the Matrix or not, this room is a must, meaning there is no choice as to whether or not you should play, the answer is only one – you MUST. And if you watch the movie before the visit, this will only help you with immersing in the game.
3 Key Team, please stay thirsty for progress, stay humble, stay so beautiful, everything you do leads to more and more fans for life and a wonderful feeling of being part of your adventure. THANK YOU! ❤️

P.S. After our game the guys from Les Professionnels, a.k.a. VsichkiStai.bg caught us in the lobby, they requested a traditional selfie with Fury 🙂 Who are we to deny a picture and an autograph to the followers 😛

Our photo 🙂
Photo with Les Professionnels, а.к.а. VsichkiStai.bg
3 key about us:

Fury played their 63rd Room. There is hardly a more experienced team in Bulgaria. (and maybe somewhere else ?!) We didn’t need the Oracle to predict that the Matrix unsuccessfully tried to lock our new champions. In 36:59 min, our team observed: perfect organization, impeccable communication, intuition and combinatorics at an EXCEPTIONAL level. And – as amazing as it may sound – a balanced pace with the enjoyment of #game! Minds – unlocked! #FuryWasHere