UNREAL Horta – Endurance II


Endurance II (Game duration 90 minutes)

Fury team: Nush KrastevaIvan Minchev and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury time: 81:40 minutes

Date: February 4, 2024

This game was not planned. Not by us, nor by the operator.

How it unfolded was a big surprise. For us and the game master.

After playing Nakatomi, where this wonderful guy played a million roles (to understand this post, you need to read the previous one), we managed to arrange to play Endurance II, with the understanding that he had to manage another team game, and we would have to be patient and endure delayed reactions. He said it would be the first time for him to manage two games in two different rooms in parallel, and we told him that it didn’t bother us. Ivan suggested playing two rooms in parallel, and we joked about how it could happen while watching the game master run like crazy between rooms to reset them, welcome the other team, and start our game. He looked like a maniac from the movies, climbing the stairs, stopping at the top, bending over with his hands on his thighs, catching his breath, and then running forward. Hypnotic.

Our game begins. I must mention that in this room, absolutely NOTHING works, including the microphone he is trying to speak to us through. Since we are underground, it turns out we have no signal, making communication via phone or any messenger absolutely impossible.

All of this leads to absurd situations. We find ourselves on a planet with a volcano and have to shoot some snakes. We shoot them, and in the end, Ivan climbs up and literally shoots it in the fucking face. Nothing. We walk around, looking at each other. Nothing. After 2 minutes, a panting figure arrives—the bellboy from Nakatomi (in the corresponding costume), saying to push the door of the volcano. Ivan pushes it – no reaction. The bellboy rushes in and pushes the door with significant force, and our game continues as he disappears into thin air. We play. Half of the things still don’t react to anything we do. We reach the next planet; the rooms are painted in fluorescent colors and look very magical. We spin around for about 10 minutes without knowing how to proceed until someone from the spaceship’s door suggests feeding the alien. We go back, and the Nakatomi security guard (he’s the one we get now) reacts to our puzzled looks, rushing to the “planet,” looking and muttering under his breath, “but I didn’t turn on the lights for you guys” and dashes up the stairs. We have a light.

This whole absurdity repeats; we are already in hysteria from laughter, shooting foam cartridges at everything that moves (and doesn’t move), screaming, yelling for our mothers, and, in general, our game successfully ends 81 minutes later.

There’s no way to tell you to experience this, a unique game that will never be repeated. This room used to be top-notch five years ago, and it would still be a room we’d rate highly if it were still playable, which it isn’t.

Nevertheless, it was a super experience for us; we left him some money, promising not to reveal that he let us into the room, and we moved ahead.

Nush is on her four, taking pictures from the tunnels, and I’m giggling like a small girl because I just found out I have to feed the alien…

Our photo after we knew the game was over ☄🪐🌖🌠☄

For the first time, we played alone, meaning we could take as many pictures as we wanted. And shamelessly, we did it… This room was very beautiful.