Escaped – Live Escape Rooms – 20.000 L.U.T.S

20.000 L.U.T.S

Fury team: Anton KonduzovSvetla IvanovaVelina DoychevaHristo TomovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: September 7, 2017
Our time: 60:00 minutes

Escaped are not exactly in the escape room business, but rather justify the name they chose, live adventure rooms. They actually have several rooms and have definitely been very professional about branding and presenting the product. We played one of the rooms, and it was chosen not at random. Escape Way are working on a room with a similar theme, and Jules Verne is cool too, so we went to see what happened to Captain Nemo.

I believe the guy who welcomed us has smoking something weird 🙂 At least we all think so. We don’t know is this the truth or not. After a brief introduction and the explanation that our journey begins from where the book ends, specifically, we come across missing Nautilus Pompilius, and we are expected to find out what happened.

I have a few things to say. There was a great actor in the room (two, but I’m talking about the main one) – perfect English, great roleplaying, literally Hollywood makeup. If this is your thing, in my opinion, you will be absolutely impressed. For me, the cause was lost after the captain requested from us to do push-ups. Hristo ended up exercising, and I was irritated by a 10-minute yelling at this dumbass (the Captain, not Hristo).

Going into the room, we had a mission to not only get out in 90 minutes but also to get out with the “good” character and get him out of the sub. We played the room, rescued someone (the interior is actually pretty cool) and left on time. We ask, “Did we save the right person?” The answer was, “If you didn’t know, then you didn’t understand the story.” On the way to Drossia, we had a one-hour discussion with theories about whether we had “passed” this room or we failed. Bummer.

So my personal opinion about this room, which other members of the team DON’T support is that these rooms rely on theatre, emotions, adrenaline, and scenery. Puzzles were lacking, at least at the moment I’m trying to think of one that impressed me, but nothing comes to mind. I know there are people with different tastes than mine, but I call these rooms mainstream and not recommended them to puzzle lovers.

Escaped – Live Escape Rooms photo 🙂