3 Key Castle – The Collector (now Game Castle)

Currently, the room belongs to the Game Castle.


The Collector

Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevDimitar Smilyanov, Vasil JoskovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: August 18, 2015
Our time: 71:00 minutes

3 Key Castle (as it was called in 2015 because it was a part of 3 Key company) knows how to build a brand as it is written in the textbooks. I should confess I was expecting a “second album syndrome”, usually when they set a very high level in their first room, the chance to get the second one better is probably 50. But … the other 50% are in favour to build an even better room and to create a magnificent adventure. Let’s said it that way- here there was something for everyone. The atmosphere was even stronger. In this room, every detail is created thoughtfully, with desire, I dare to say with love, Every puzzle is thought out and tested.
Fury team will share a few things:
1. Thank you for the warm welcome, the attention, and the pizza. The fact that you value what we have to say is fundamental to us because we are fans. Please, forgive us, because we are loud and sometimes obnoxious.
2. When everyone is thinkers, and there are no enough scouts, the mission is doomed.
3. To all future agents out there: listen when those kind people introduce you to the story. It’s not only interesting but is also relevant for the game.
4. Tam tam taram tam tam taram, taradaaaaa, taradaaaaaaaa, we all sang together, the whole goddam team. Keeping in mind that I’m 40 years old girl in the company of grown-ass men with beards, this means a lot.
5. All puzzles are epic, only for this, I will come again with my kids 🙂
Thank you, it was an immense pleasure for us. Even if we escaped for 71 minutes, every one of them was pure pleasure. And NOOOOOOOOOO, we don’t need hints! ❤️

Our photo 🙂
3 Key about us:

Fury team played frantically in the #Collector’s Room. They had a distinguished leader who skillfully kept track of all the puzzles solved by the team. Supervision was carried out from the collector’s comfortable chair 🙂 They had faith in their own capabilities and refused any assistance from the Special Agent. Congratulations on their bold game! We can always spot the professionals!