Ghost Hotel

Ghost Hotel/span>

Fury team: George GeorgievMiro Mironov (guest appearance), Tsveta Dancheva, Dimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: January 11, 2017
Our time: 40:00 minutes

Ghost Hotel is designed, in my opinion, for the sole purpose of entertaining the children of people who are trapped in Tsarsko Selo or on teenage birthdays. In the end, there is nothing wrong with having rooms for every age and purpose.
It should be noted that this was my first visit to Tsarsko Selo, the room is conveniently located in a remote and private house, which fits in well with the theme of the room – mysteries and spirits.

The interior is simple, but it suits the story you should immerse yourself in. Honestly, I think the lovely lady who greeted us just had some bad luck with our team, almost everything that might not have worked in this room while we were there… didn’t work. She had to go into the room and unlock something we knew the code for, another time she had to write us the decision directly because of the electronic failure and so on. There was not always a logical connection between the things that were happening, maybe that’s why we were so confused in the end. When I was out, I could imagine the gameplay, and it would probably be more enjoyable to play it without obstacles, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Of course, we, as extreme idiots, had a lot of fun, even when Jordan left us hanging in the last minute (he was sick, that quitter) and we had to replace him with Miro from the backbench quickly. He not only proved himself to be Fury material but also withstood all the nonsense we managed to throw at him and even sacrifice himself in the name of the team, after an electric shock and a little crawling, he found the exit. Nicely done!

In conclusion:
• 👍 When the room is working as intended, probably a group of children up to the age of 16-17 would actually have a great time;
• 👎 For experienced teams, it’s like a walk in the park except for the puzzle with the thermostat (which is actually very cool);
• 👎 The deposit can only be paid via bank;
• 👍 After not being able to play the room according to the scenario, the host refused to take us any extra money besides the down payment, which was a very kind gesture;
• 👍 They are welcoming you with alcohol and water;
• 👎 They do not have a Facebook page (and if the targeting group they are chasing is, as I understand correctly, teenagers- without social networks is not a good marketing strategy);

If you have kids and you want to introduce escape rooms to them, this is a pretty good place to go.

Ghost hotel photo 🙂