King’s Room – IT


Fury team: Ivan MinchevHristo TomovGeorgi Georgiev, Tsveta Dancheva, Dimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: February 11, 2018
Our time: 120:00 minutes

Pink unicorns run through lush meadows, and magical dust rises beneath their hooves. Glittering and colourful rainbows emerge from their asses, and long-haired nymphs sing magical music all around. Peace surrounds you, the universe is right, and the state of nirvana slowly takes your senses.

And there is nothing like this in IT.

There are dark, gloomy rooms, evil sneaks behind every door, and your instincts command you to turn around and run away instantly. Nothing resemblant to a rainbow comes out of your behind, rather you worry that you will have to do laundry when you get home, hoping to be alive and well. The adrenaline rush through your veins and your senses are paralyzed simply by fear, which, let’s face it, is a normal human feeling (yes, I’m a coward).

When we were invited to test the room, I, as a prominent diva, started making arrangements. “I will not play” “You won’t scare me” “You won’t touch me” “You will not lock me.” Blah – blah- blah. And these absolutely calm and patience people, instead of sending me a clown, told me they wanted for me to play and would do their best not to stress me. Honestly …
We are assembling a team of 6 people, because we have no idea how much evil we have to fight so we are bringing the heavy artillery with us. 2 hours later we escaped, healthy and alive, full of new memories and emotions.

To start with, the IT game is long. Not because it is frustratingly difficult, but because there are so many puzzles and because you have to cross your own psychological boundary and find a will to go to the dark side of the room, not just hiding behind your friends (who are also strangely clustered in one place and the radius within which everyone operates is a meter around the main group). The atmosphere and the scenery are exactly what they should be, almost everything that is in front of your eyes is put there for you to regret not calling your mom more often and that you didn’t do enough good during your time on Earth. The puzzles are of moderate difficulty. I sincerely hope that the feedback we gave back to the wonderful team that created the room helped to better present two things that needed more logic and intuition. All the puzzles and mechanisms they did by themselves, something that always fills me with a sense of respect for anyone who dares to approach such a task.

Without spoiling the fun of the game, I will tell you that even a fearsome creature like me managed to get involved in almost every puzzle and wander everywhere. Respectively, our hosts did do their best not to give me a heart attack. Left me a chair to sit on and make sure I can go through everywhere with my size, ‘coz I’m a big girl (thanks for that!). It’s always a wonderful feeling that someone kept in mind that you are different and reacted accordingly, how can I not like these people. Because in the end, the customer is important, and the ability to tailor your product to his requirements is more than significant, I would say in this industry is already mandatory.

The game is linear, good news for Fury. Everything in the room is working, which is lately a rare occasion (sadly) in escape rooms. And the last room kick ass, I was speechless. Voice puzzle is the thing that impressed me the most. There is a puzzle with a ball, Danchev will probably regret not coming with us (because he is the biggest fan of puzzles with balls, and in my opinion, every self-respecting room should have a ball puzzle). I kind of ruin their human leg, I apologize. Tsveti was jumping around even before we got in, Hristo laughs a lot (because that’s who he is), and Obi and Mitko had to hold each other almost with love. And this is everything I can say.

If horror rooms and adrenaline rush are your things, if you liked Sawroom – The Beginning and Saw Room II – The Revenge, IT is your next destination. If you are a puzzle-solving type of person but don’t like the scary stuff, call them, they will find a way, just like they did for me.

Fury gives…

King’s Room about us:

And here they are, our room was also Fury-rated, thank you very much for their visit. It was a real pleasure for us to watch you disassemble every little puzzle in our room. We hope we have contributed to a lot of emotions and smiles. Many thanks for the valuable advice you have given us as a test team. Keep the good work and Fury ON!