Troll – The Heist

The Heist (Game duration 60 minutes)

Fury team 2: Velina TomovaHristo TomovAnton KonduzovVanya Stoitseva and Bistra-Dona Konduzova

Fury 2 time: 61:00 minutes

Fury team 3: Ivan VladimirovDimitar Smilyanov and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury 3 time: 36:44 minutes

Date: January 28, 2024

The Heist was born during Covid with the idea of providing people with home entertainment in a safe environment. Now, it has found a home in one of the Troll Games’ rooms, but in reality, the whole game is packed in a suitcase and is implemented online with the help of the items in this suitcase. The plot is well-known: our man hires us to help with the heist; he gets caught, and he sends us the suitcase to handle on our own with the help of his research. We have a great time, never a dull moment, and in 36 minutes, we come out with a bling-bling victory at the door and silly glasses to prove it. If you’re in the area and playing, for example, Steampunk, try The Heist as well. The game isn’t expensive, and besides, if you’re on the run and it’s your sixth room of the day, it’s very pleasant to sit for a change and solve puzzles without having your feet ache.

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