Trapped – Dragonstone Castle

Dragonstone Castle (Game duration 60 minutes)

Fury team 2: Velina TomovaHristo TomovAnton KonduzovVanya Stoitseva and Bistra-Dona Konduzova

Fury 2 time: 39:00 minutes

Fury team 3: Veronika ManchevaMiroslav ManchevIvan VladimirovDimitar Smilyanov and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury 3 time: 38:12 minutes

Date: January 28, 2024

Anton Konduzov:

Deep commerce. A room for children’s parties. A Game of Thrones room, with minimal or missing logic on 1-2 puzzles. The flavor is burned sheets with text, there were hardly any mechanical puzzles, and most time was lost on a puzzle with strange logic. A very, very weak room for me. After this room, one might wonder – why didn’t I just scroll through pointless social networks in the foyer for 1 hour instead of this?”

Nadezhda Danabasheva:

This room puzzled me mainly for one reason; I’ll try to explain. Is there such a thing as ‘puzzle bias’? There is a standard decoding of the code. We have deciphered it during treasure hunts; we know perfectly well how it works. Here… there is a puzzle with the same code we’ve used hundreds of times. It looks the same, but it doesn’t work the same way, and instead of A=Z, Z=A. This really confused us, and the fact that there were five of us didn’t help because each one tried to convince the other four that they knew what they were doing. Is it a design flaw? Should they have expected us to know how it works and made it the same way? Is it a valid solution to do it their way because we should play rooms without any requirement for prior knowledge? Was it a mistake?

I’m still in doubt; the room just gave me food for thought. Otherwise, as Anton said, the room doesn’t cut it

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