Trapped – Addams

Addams (Game duration 60 minutes)

Fury team 2: Velina TomovaHristo TomovAnton KonduzovVanya Stoitseva and Bistra-Dona Konduzova

Fury 2 time: 47:53 minutes

Fury team 3: Veronika ManchevaMiroslav ManchevIvan VladimirovDimitar Smilyanov and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury 3 time: 44:00 minutes

Date: January 28, 2024

Anton Konduzov:

Deеp commerce. A room for children’s parties. A mix between the Addams animation and the Wednesday series. An abused room, I would say slightly dangerous for players if they decide to climb the stairs. There were 2 nice puzzles, which unfortunately were overshadowed by the visible wear of the items from thousands of hands. We pulled out a hand in the end, but overall the level was lower than The Chocolate Factory.

Nadezhda Danabasheva:

The game master shared that he thinks we would like this room the most. Unfortunately, we didn’t. They kicked us out of the room and back to the lobby to fix a puzzle that glitched in the middle of the game. We are not very bright people and couldn’t figure out one of the puzzles, so we needed a hint. I hope the kids are handling this better than us. The coolest thing in the whole experience was that I could take a picture with Thing. If your child is in that teenage phase when they are into Halloween and the Addams Family, you should visit. One parent with a maximum of one child. And if you are tone-deaf, you are doomed.

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