Trapped – The Chocolate Factory

The Chocolate Factory (Game duration 60 minutes)

Fury team 2: Velina TomovaHristo TomovAnton KonduzovVanya Stoitseva and Bistra-Dona Konduzova

Fury 2 time: 22:23 minutes

Fury team 3: Veronika ManchevaMiroslav ManchevIvan VladimirovDimitar Smilyanov and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury 3 time: 27:49 minutes

Date: January 28, 2024

Anton Konduzov:

Deep commerce. A room for children’s parties. Cages from a mall crammed into each other for money. We set a record. 22:23 minutes. This was the newest of the three we played and everything worked correctly, there were no dangerous items and all the mistakes we made were our own, not due to poor design. There were candies, but only 3. We were 5.

Maybe if you are in the mall and you are bored and there are absolutely no other rooms to play in – you might like it.

Nadezhda Danabasheva:

I intentionally booked these rooms to see how a commercial conveyor for escape rooms in a mall is done. I’ve always thought it’s a valid business model, but we’ve never reached the point where we had the time and convenience to visit and see. This room, like all in the Trapped series on that day, didn’t surprise me with anything. Fast, in standard spaces made for children, but unfortunately, not sustainable for such an audience. In this room, there were puzzles, and some were even interesting and technological because, let’s face it, it could be worse, and the puzzles could be on laminated pieces of paper. We have seen such a hundred times already. The volume is just small; there are no surprises, and what you see is what you get. If you happen to be there, play solo or with your kid, you’ll have fun.

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