Insomnia (now Room 66)

Currently, the room is known as Room 66 II and belongs to Room 66.


Fury team: Vasil JoskovDimitar Smilyanov,  Georgi GeorgievJordan Danchev, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: February 3, 2016
Our time:  80:00 minutes

I have great respect for the small projects of two people who, with their own efforts, budget and mind, are trying to create an interesting game, to give you an experience. Insomnia is no exception. After our visit yesterday, we have a few things to say.
First, there are tons of puzzles, small puzzles, big puzzles, complex puzzles, easy puzzles, hard puzzles, various puzzles, scary puzzles, funny puzzles, puzzles with numbers, puzzles with letters, puzzles that require physical strength, dexterity puzzles in this room. I think you understand what I mean. And the more puzzles we have, the more puzzles we want 🙂
Secondly, for the first time in my life, I regret being fat!
The atmosphere got on my nerves being an old woman and all. Few mild infarction moments, but this was the effect they were looking for, so we understand. In my opinion, Georgi and I unfortunately now hate cats for life, but we are sure that is the situation requires it we can jump like Olympic athletes with the right push.
If you are a fan of the mystery / soft horror genre, this is your room 😉 Thanks to our lovely hosts, we wish you only a ton of teams and demons. ❤️
Room number 47 for us – 80 minutes and 1 hint (escaping time from this room is 90 minutes).

P.S. Yes, this post contains the word “puzzle” 16 times. I’m that bad at writing.

Our photo 🙂

Insomnia about us:

Heartful thanks to Fury team for coming and playing in our room. It’s great to see a team that goes through the puzzles with wit, agility and logic.