Logiscape – Smart and Beautiful


Smart and Beautiful

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Vasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: July 16, 2016
Our time: 21:48 minutes

The game master kindly suggested that we play first, in their words, “non-challenge room”, known by the name “Smart and beautiful”. It was a gratifying experience, and that was the only chance for some furyans to get into girl room khm-khm 😛
I suppose it was the complete disorientation and unfamiliar environment that also contributed to the abysmal performance – 21:48. The secrets of female boudoirs confuse real men, and they feel lost. Same with my boys, lost between strange languages ​​and battery-operated devices, eventually found themselves in the position of being Dancho’s bridesmaids.
About the Room: The goal of the owners is achieved, the room is an example of how to introduce an escape room to a people who never been introduced to such experiences, like a tutorial. Fewer puzzles, but with levels and complex enough to get people into a rhythm and adjust their thinking. Experienced teams will find it elementary, I still think that every room has its own reason to exist, and here the goal is justified. Our advice is not to forget what the invisible to the eyes should be visible.

Our photo 🙂