Offline Entertainment – The Old Cellar

The Old Cellar

Fury team: Ivan MinchevHristo TomovGavrail Kubatev, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: May 24, 2016
Our time: 47:21 minutes

It’s always great to take a trip, especially with friends, even a short one. Since Hristo Tomov is still learning to drive, we decided it would be great practice for him to drive us to Stara Zagora, to do a little sightseeing, to eat with the ducks and geese at Chevermeto and to play the last room of – Real-life escape rooms.
Although with the Fury back up team, we escaped the cellar at 47:21. An intrigue room, a lot of puzzles, and the fact that the room doesn’t lend puzzles from the rooms in Sofia makes me very happy 🙂 The rooms of Offline raise the bars, they are diverse, they always provide a unique experience, the puzzles are different, and there are no boring, repetitive elements. Definitely, the more experience they get, the better their products become! Congratulations on the room in Stara Zagora, I think it will attract new fans of the industry. And if you have one free hour in Zagora, do not hesitate 🙂
Thanks to the lovely, smiling game master who kept her finger crossed for us.

Our photo 🙂
Offline Entertainment about us:

Smart, resourceful and organized – we are already fans of Fury 🙂 They are experienced adventurers! Their team play, observation, and winning streak need no comment because their score is 47:21. and is quite impressive!