Offline Entertainment – A Pirate’s Adventure

A Pirate’s Adventure

ROOM TEST (right before opening for clients)
Fury team: Georgi Georgiev, Jordan DanchevVasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 27, 2016
Our time: 43:16 minutes

“300 sinking ship puzzles, yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum.”
Easily this can be a catchy tune of the last room we were invited to test yesterday, room number 56 for us and number 3 in the Offline Entertainment catalogue. – Real-life escape rooms follow a pattern and get better at what they do, “The Hacker” was interesting, “Ancient Egypt” was better, more engaging and real, and with the latest one – “Pirate’s Adventure” we were just thrown into the Caribbean.
I didn’t expect bad results or weak puzzles, but the room exceeded my expectations. The magnificent atmosphere, the design of the environment catches up with the best rooms in Sofia, if not even surpass them. GREAT puzzles, there was something for everyone, no padlocks, no keys, no ultraviolet flashlights, and it’s packed with mechanisms, traps, cannon thunders, you really feel like a pirate on a mission.
The room requires strong team play and lots of collaboration. With this serious amount of puzzles for any real fan of escape rooms would be a great pleasure to play here. The room is above average in difficulty, which was an incredible buzz for us.
The room directly and without hesitation goes to my personal top 5 in Sofia, at least.
I can’t recommend enough, and to the Offline I can only say thank you for creating such adventures, for us as escape enthusiasts, it was an immense pleasure.
P.S. For the record, we left for 43:16. So far, no one has come out except for us. YEY!

Our photo 🙂