Quest Land – The Inheritance (now Emergency Escape)

Currently, the room is known as Masonic Heritage and belongs to Emergency Escape.

The Inheritance

Fury team: Vasil JoskovDimitar Smilyanov,  Georgi GeorgievJordan Danchev, Nadezhda Danabasheva
Date: October 28, 2015
Our time:  50:25 minutes (room record at the time of the visit)

And again, Fury on top!
Quest Land welcomed us with information that no team escaped in less than an hour. We, ambitious as we are, declared that we are going in and we need no hints. 50:25 minutes later, the treasure was ours. With 0 hints used and the gold was kind of heavy!
Great room, the gameplay is our favourite kind, starts linear, then spreads in a few parallel puzzles. There was something for everyone, a little math, a little deduction, something to look for, a little luck and few “goddams”!
The game master who welcomed us and kept his fingers crossed for us at all times offered us coffee and water and behaved like the perfect host.
Thank you for the adventure, we skipped the moment with the tattoos, but we are proud to be the first official Guardians! One of the neglected rooms in Sofia, totally unjustified, is definitely worth a visit!
Father Bogoriy, see you again and don’t overdo it with the beans 😀

Our photo 🙂
Quest Land about us:

Fury proved they are worthy Heirs and Guardians! They worked as a team and this helped them to set a record for The Inheritance Room with a time of 50:25 min. They shared with us that the treasure is heavy, but it is a pleasure to have it in your hands! 🙂