Question Rooms – Secrets Museum

Secrets Museum

ROOM TEST (right before opening for clients)
Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevVasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: April 16, 2016
Our time: 38:56 minutes

If it wasn’t for Question Rooms, we wouldn’t set foot in Plovdiv soon, but as a room still testing before the grand opening, they were so kind to invite us to go see what they’ve created.
We called their room the Secrets Museum. They have a nice, tight and very engaging room. The pros are many, the mechanics we have never seen after 50 rooms, interesting and unique puzzles, such as visually so cool safe we lost a will to open it. The atmosphere is immersive, the story is engaging and by touching one or two things (wink wink) they will be ready to break into the escaped room’s scene in Plovdiv. An additional plus is the location, space they have and the fact that they are super cool dudes. Guys, thank you very much for the invitation, patience and that you spend time with us, it was an honour and a pleasure.
And follow them on Facebook, their gifs are EPIC, and as Jordan asked:
“Isn’t there a special award, recognition, award, something to adequately show how good and epic these gifs are ?!” # ERgif

Our photo 🙂
QuestionRooms about us:
Our guest today was the record-breaking machine in the #EscapeRoom Games – Team Fury!
They are probably the most experienced team in the whole country, and we are grateful that they spend time with us and come to test the gameplay. Of course, they broke the record. 🏆 It is no accident that 54 rooms have already been conquered and they keep the record in many of them. They showed unique skills, both individually and as a team. We were pleasantly surprised and had a lot of fun with them.
#EscapeRoomBG #Фюри #Fury #Invincible