Teorema Rooms – TNT



Fury team: Kremena DimitrovaJordan DanchevDimitar Smilyanov, Vasil JoskovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: September 12, 2015
Our time: 58:17 minutes

To reach that level of customer service, as we saw today at Teorema rooms, you had to do everything else right. Fantastic, smiling people, able to carry a conversation about geography, mathematics, and logic and have all the necessary skills to create a great escape experience.
And yes, they have managed to do exactly that.
After a month well deserved rest, Fury is a little rusty. The great news is that we have a new visiting member to brighten our game and help us get out in time. Kremi, it was a great pleasure 🙂.
Of course, we don’t want hints. And of course, there are like 62 buttons, and we will push 61 of them that are not the correct ones and ignore the last one. The good news is that we are experts in currencies of at least 14 different countries.
We had a great time all the puzzles in the game are perfectly moderated. The complexity was not temptingly easy nor disturbingly difficult. Even if we spend almost all of our time, we did defuse the bomb, and in my humble opinion now Wanna know why? Well, visit the room and figure it out by yourself.
And who, who manages to escape with only 3 hints? We did!
Thank you for the great experience, looking forward to playing your next project ❤️

Our photo 🙂
Teorema Rooms about us:

We waited a long time for the legendary Fury team and they didn’t disappoint. Well, they didn’t manage to beat the time record in the room, but they did escape with the least hints from all the teams so far. Thank you and hope to see you very soon!