UNREAL Vilapicina – The Wonders of Agrabah


The Wonders of Agrabah (Game duration 90 minutes)

Fury team: Nush KrastevaIvan Minchev and Nadezhda Danabasheva

Fury time: 93:00 minutes

Date: February 5, 2024

Agraba was added to the schedule at the last moment for a specific reason. Last year, when we were here, I wrote to them, and they were quick and polite but failed to include us in the schedule. This time, I promised myself to give them a bit more time to react, and I managed to secure a slot.

This room is literally, as the classic Shisho Bakshisho (a popular Bulgarian character on TV, a taxi driver) says, a joy and sadness. I’ll start with the sadness.

They forgot about us. We are in front of the room on the agreed day and time, but there is no one. We called, and they sent me a message that the game master would be delayed. He shows up half an hour later, obviously in a hurry. My interpretation is that someone didn’t show up for work, and they called the substitute at the last moment. This is confirmed by the fact that the game master does not speak English (except for “hello”). The latter becomes torture after he actively tries to give hints to Nusha, who speaks Spanish but is a bit rusty, and the communications turn into flashes of Spanish logorrhea from his side and Nusha with a pensive look, commenting, “no comprendo.”

We are in Agraba, of course, the desert, but there was no need for so much filth. The flower puzzle is silly and annoying; the pinball-type puzzle is even more mindless and completely frustrates us.

Now, let me tell you about the joy. A lot of puzzles, interesting ones, for observation, for memory, for dexterity. Logic is not always in the first place, but we are prepared to crawl, climb (as seen by Ivan’s pants), and poke into all the holes.

The set design is certainly great because you really feel like you’re in a treasure cave. There’s gold, money, diamonds. We fly on the magic carpet (A-W-E-S-O-M-E). In the end, we meet the genie, sing songs together, and leave with a 3-minute delay. The scale is enormous again.

We have experience with worse rooms.

If you visit, I highly recommend demanding that the game master speak English, and I think you will have a fairly decent game.

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