Dharma save the world – SOSignal, the Control Room


SOSignal, the Control Room

Fury team: George GeorgievJordan Danchev, Vasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: February 11, 2017
Our time: 75:00 minutes

I can’t deny, Dharma is my weak spot. Living kind of undeservingly outside the spotlight for me, this room is above the middle level in Plovdiv, and definitely, the care and attention given to its details are remarkable. After playing Station 1 last year and beating it in less than half an hour, it seems that the Dharma boys took it seriously and created a sophisticated second room that we couldn’t escape in 75 minutes. Yes, that’s right, more than an hour. Or, as our host said, they made it really complex and refused to simplify it until we play, because “how dare you to solve my precious first room so fast”. The comment came from one of the owners, and it’s so sweet… Because these are the words of a person who cares, because what he does is his, comes out from under his hands, is close to his heart and wants for it to be the best possible. This feeling you can’t buy with money.

SOSignal is both a plot and physical sequel to The Bunker. Only now that you have the supercomputer open, you have to send the signal to the leader in orbit. Deep underground, various logical, mechanical puzzles are hidden. Moreover, in a very comfortable large room, something I didn’t expect. 👍The interior, as always, is high-level. And all pieces of machinery these guys assemble and give them an authentic and apocalyptic look are magnificent.

The puzzles are complex. It was difficult for us, and we needed hints. I think with a little guidance and more clues on key things (especially the video module) this room can be a great experience for those who like to be challenged, not just solve crossword puzzles. It is definitely not for new teams, but it is a delight for teams that can appreciate the intellectual challenge. Perhaps this is why I admire their decision that the game in the second room is only possible after you play the first one. It may not be the most appropriate business decision, but it’s taken to protect the client and give them full story experience.

Well done!

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