Endorphin Games – BlueLAB



Fury team: Georgi GeorgievJordan DanchevVasil JoskovDimitar SmilyanovNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: October 26, 2016
Our time: 72:00 minutes (room record at the time of the visit)

Endorphin Games won a few points even before we enter their Lab.

First: They manage to keep this room a secret for a year and a half.
Second: They found the most original way to invite us. They had an even better idea, shame on Radik Mihnev to talk them out of it, it would have been magnificent and the most original invitation ever.
Third: They answer my questions with pasting chat logs, a conversation between them to discuss exactly what to tell us, and I’m laughing hard because they are really cool and a little worried.
Fourth: I don’t know where I’m going. The directions I received are: find the sex shop, on the opposite side on the street look below Geppetto – there are a lingerie store and a broken sign. As I told the boys, there will either be a serial killer with a bra on her head waiting for us, or it will be an epic room.

We go in, sit comfortable, talking about how the idea of ​​the room was born, general guidelines for what to touch and whatnot. I still don’t know what is happening, the lobby is teeny-tiny and doesn’t in any way suggest what should follow. After all, it turns out to be part of the story because…

… we’re looking for a secret meth lab. And where else you might find a secret meth lab,  besides a sex shop, below Geppetto in a lingerie store with a broken sign in the front.

It is mandatory to say a few things about BlueLab. I haven’t been to a real meth lab, but honestly, in my mind, the one I was in was as good as they come. The details are span S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G, from the tiles on the walls, through the dashboard, through the effects of opening or lighting different things. Everything here was touched by a small female hand, that belongs to a very cute and deceptively sweet person, who will probably, in the end, is a member of a Colombian cartel. This room won our award for the most interesting and meaningful clues of all the rooms we went to. The moment you get the clue is as satisfying as it is when you solve the puzzle. And you think to yourself how obvious it is, and how is that possible it took me so much time to figure it out, maybe I’m starting to get tipsy from the lab fumes.
If you still haven’t figured it out, you’re in Breaking Bad, and the references to the series are so much and so well-implemented that even hardcore fans like Smilyanov and Joskov have no comment. From the yellow hazmat suits, through the face masks, to the bags filled with blue crystals, everything is connected to your goal of finding the formula. Puzzles. A lot of them. Difficult. Super interesting. Some of them we already have seen, others not. Nevertheless, it took 72 minutes to escape. True, the owners plan is to leave you 88 minutes, but after more than an hour of fun, I almost wet myself from laughing, and at least 12 times I heard the phrases “Put it in”, “Push it in”, “Wait, it’s tight” followed from “That’s what she said.”
Extremely strong room. A strong theme, wonderful performance, almost no chance to brute-force or skip steps. The room receives …

… Fury seal of approval, I start to think that the rooms that have been built for a year and a half have a model and are an absolute MUST be for all fans of escape games. As soon as BlueLab publishes a website and an FB page (which will be weird for a secret lab, but who am I to judge, Ramzan Kadyrov has an Instagram, for crying out loud) you need to go and book a visit because … “Fire in the hole, BITCH”.
I envy our hosts for one thing, from here on they can always quote Season 5, Episode 6 – “I’m not in the meth business. I’m in the escape rooms business”.

Our photo 🙂
BlueLab about us:

– I: Hmm … should we give them a hint?
– V: Absolutely NOT!
– I: Yes, they solved it! Good job, FURY! 🙂 Did someone figured this puzzle out without a hint?
– V: But look how quickly they found the next one. I told you not to make it easier.
– I: Yes, but most of the other teams will not be like them. It should be easy.
– V: They will probably set a record.
– I: Wow! 72 minutes. A record! Maybe we should reduce the escape time from 88 to 78 min.?
– V: Let’s see a few more PRO teams. We can announce a reward for the team who escape in less than an hour with one hint.
15 hours later…
– R: Hey, did you read the room review https://furyescape.com/endorphin-games-bluelab/
– I: People, the review is so cool 🙂
– V: How?!? But … did Nadia already publish it? Even yesterday evening?
– S: I was quite sure they will like it.
– V: „cute and deceptively sweet person, who will probably, in the end, is a member of a Colombian cartel.“ – Hahahaaa!