Escapepolis – Roswell 1947 – An Alien Enigma

Roswell 1947 – An Alien Enigma

Fury team: Ivan Minchev, Tsveta Dancheva, Alla DanabashevaVladislav KubatevNadezhda Danabasheva
Date: September 8, 2018
Our time: 65:00 minutes

Have you heard the expression, “It’s not you, it’s me?”. This is how I feel about this room because it gave us every chance to like it. And we didn’t use it.

The story of getting to this room is short. We had a booking for a completely different place, Release the Kraken adventure of Great Escape. After driving like crazy through the streets of Athens, we pay 10 euros to park at the parking lot nearby, not to waste time. We pay the money to a Greek barbarian who has an epic beard, eats a greasy börek, has crumbs and some other unknown substances in his beard (the man was part of a construction group doing some stuff on the parking lot mentioned). He speaks slowly and explains to me that I had to park “vit your bak to de voll” or as I understand it with the back of the car against the wall. This phrase in broken Barbarian-English-Greek has remained with the team and is still mentioned on many occasions to this day. As we enter the Great Escape lobby, we come across something that kills every business, unpleasant and sour employees.

I chose this room because of its good presentation on the Internet, great site, interesting photos, all in all, it was done professionally and accurately. Apparently, they have made a mistake, and it’s that they hire some underage cranky millennials to be game masters.

We’re late, a fact. We are guilty, fact. They informed us we couldn’t get in the room. We don’t have time for you to play it and then reset it for the next group. We asked, can we play something else? Silence, complete lack of attention, both the boy and the girl just look at the monitors, and we don’t exist for them. I got angry, then went out to smoke and lashed out. I was disappointed with a lot of things, that I did my research only 2 days before we travel to Athens, and that we were late and that I was losing precious time for the team unnecessarily, and that I had to experience a complete lack of understanding and attitude. The owners of Sherlocked Homles are saving the situation, and after we call them with the information we have the time but have no room, they direct us to Escapepolis and their Roswell 1947. After half an hour we are there, owners are super friendly, making us warm coffee, something that is rare in Greece, but they make an effort for us. We go in to play.

The adventure starts in the morgue. We have a doctor! Vladi from the team works as a traumatologist in Germany and immediately put his hands in some blood bowls with human organs in them. We stopped him in time, explaining to him that this is hardly part of the game, and other players are no doctor and this is not part of their day, so it’s probably just an interior.

Going back, there were actually some interesting puzzles in this room. Whether we were tired or just there was no logical connection between them, I don’t know, but we stuck in a few places. I get annoyed. There is nowhere to sit, and a lot of the so-called junk, patient records, reports, dozens of sheets of text. As it turns out, they have almost nothing to do with the game, which did not prevent me from going back and forward over all of it at least 12 times and reading them, until, finally, in a very straight text, they wrote us to leave them alone, it was nothing important. The room is not linear, and maybe this is something that has confused us many times in the past, the situation when you have 4 digit code, and 5 padlocks where you can enter it is always confusing. The second room had nice effects, even quite decently made aliens, in general, everything you could expect from a room like this. We leave after a full 63 minutes, and we are pretty tired.

I am convinced that if we had played only this room on a particular day and we would have done better, and the room would have left us with a better impression, but with the Great Escape misunderstanding, at the point, we were exhausted and annoyed. Let that be our lesson 🙂

Escapepolis photo 🙂